Once you are here...

Folk come to Shetland for a combination of things - peace, land and seascapes, wildlife and plants, the freedom to walk where you want all day and not meet another human. All these are available in and around Sandness and the Westside of Shetland. On a daily basis you can see seals, otters, hundreds of different birds and the occasional dolphins or whale.

All this from your bedroom window!

Baby Merlin on Kalfordhame window ledgeShetland ponies freely wander the open hills and you are dive bombed by Bonxies and Tirriks (Great Skuas and Arctic Terns)

Don't miss - the music, Shetland's world famous fiddle music is celebrated with several festivals throughout the year. Some Lerwick pubs hold impromptu sessions where musicians just turn up and play. For bikers the Simmer Dim rally is a must (for those who don't know, the Simmer Dim is the time in summer when it never really gets dark at all.)

Really don't miss - Sunday teas. Throughout the summer village halls around Shetland hold teas. Sit down to sandwiches and cakes made by the local folk. All you can eat for a couple of pounds. Sandness teas are the best.

Though we are remote here in Sandness, Shetland isn't so big that it can't be explored from one place; so you get the benefit of an idyllically peaceful base from which you can either set out energetically to explore, or just stay local, and gently enjoy the beautiful surroundings.